Baby Cai | Baton Rouge Boutique Newborn Photographer

wrapped baby on peach with floral headband by Baton Rouge boutique Newborn photographer

Welcome baby Cai! She was so sweet and was a joy to photograph. As a Baton Rouge boutique newborn photographer, I love to capture everything about a newborn baby. I especially love the tiny details. These are the things that we will most likely forget as our babies grow. And while I can’t capture the new baby smell (why do newborns smell so good anyway?), I can capture the details and sweet expressions.

Baby Cai let snoozed away and let me get all the tiny details from her nose and lips to her eyelashes.

close up on wrapped baby by Baton Rouge boutique newborn photographer

I love taking photos of baby eyelashes. I’m so glad she let me.

close up on wrapped baby by Baton Rouge boutique newborn photographer

Can we talk about her hair? She has so much! And it’s so beautiful. I think she’s got the most hair out of all the babies I’ve photographed so far. I just couldn’t get over how much hair she had at her session.

wrapped baby on peach with floral headband by Baton Rouge boutique Newborn photographer

I have to say I love everything about this image. I have to say it’s one of my favorites from this session.

wrapped baby on faux fur by Baton Rouge boutique newborn photographer

Purples happens to be my favorite color so I try to use it as much as possible. And it just happens to be the perfect color for this sweet girl. She also placed her hands perfectly for me. She definitely knows how to strike a pose like a pro baby model.

wrapped baby in bowl by Baton Rouge boutique newborn photographer

I was really excited to get to try out this bonnet and romper I made on her. She was so tiny that it was a bit big, but she looked so sweet wearing the set.

baby in lace bonnet and romper laying on side by Baton Rouge boutique Newborn photographer


Mariko Searing is a Baton Rouge boutique newborn photographer who’s goal is to not only take photos of your baby, but to create an experience like no other. If you like to know more about the boutique experience please contact me HERE or email me at [email protected]


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  1. Nina Bashaw

    Oh my goodness this newborn session is so sweet. Her hair is perfection!!! You did an amazing job as theirBaton Rouge newborn photographer!

  2. Amanda

    Look at all that beautiful hair on that adorable Denham Springs newborn! You did such a great job as her photographer capturing all the little details that her parents will want to remember!

  3. Rebecca

    As a newborn photographer, you must have a very rewarding job providing these Baton Rouge families with such beautiful portraits!

  4. Anastasia

    What a gorgeous newborn gallery! You are such a wonderfully talented Baton Rouge newborn photographer!

  5. Katerina

    Look at that beautiful head of hair on that sweet newborn! Your work as her Baton Rouge photographer is on point!

  6. Jyn

    She is so cute. I bet her family loved these portraits. I have a friend looking for newborn photographer in the Baton Rouge area. I’m going to send her your information.

  7. Shauna

    Oh my word her little lips! How amazing is it that you capture so many professional sweet newborn photos in Baton Rouge !

  8. Samantha

    Oh those little lips!!!! What a lucky little girl to be photographed by a photographer like you in Baton Rouge!

  9. joy

    What an amazing spread from my favorite newborn photographer in Baton Rouge LA Your blog is so inspiring <3

  10. Dominique

    OMG I’m just seeing this!! We enjoy all these pictures and the session was amazing! I was so blessed to be choosen to have my baby girl photographed by you! You are def the BOMB!!! just saying thank you isnt enough!

  11. Sherell Spurlock

    She’s so precious!!! Beautiful pictures!

  12. Tara

    absolutely stunning work! Baton Rouge is blessed to have you as their boutique newborn photographer

  13. Joy

    You did such an amazing job getting the tiny fingers and toes included in so many images. You are an incredible newborn photographer! I tell my friends that it is truly worth it to travel to Baton Rouge to work with you.

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