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20180121 baton rouge louisiana traditional newborn photograper cute baby close up of hands in green

As a Baton Rouge Louisiana premier newborn photographer, I get babies of all ages. While the ideal age for newborn photos is under 14 days old, that isn’t a hard and fast rule. I think even everyone deserves to have images of their new baby. Owen was an older baby. He really loved being all wrapped up, so I went with it. Once I was able to wrap him up, he zonked right out and we got going.

20180121 baton rouge louisiana traditional newborn photograper cute baby close up of hands in green

Some of my favorite photos I take are the close up shots. I love how they really focus on all the itty bitty bits of the baby. These are the real details that we may end up forgetting as our babies grow. I especially love ones of their little hands. Little Owen liked to keep his hands next to his face. It was as if he was snuggling with his little hands. So cute!

20180121 baton rouge louisiana traditional newborn photograper cute baby pic quilt in create

Little Owen looked so sweet in the crate all wrapped up in a quilt.

20180121 baton rouge louisiana traditional newborn photograper cute baby pic wrapped in blue

He was so sweet all wrapped in blue.

20180121 baton rouge louisiana traditional newborn photograper cute baby wrapped in green

Little Owen certainly had long legs. It was a challenge to keep them contained. But I was able to contain him once he was fast asleep. He looks so peaceful as he snoozes in dreamland.

20180121 baton rouge louisiana traditional newborn photograper mom holding baby in arms

This is one of my favorites from the session. All wrapped up in mama’s arms. You can feel all the love for her newest little one. These are the most precious photos I love to take for my clients.

Mariko Searing, Baton Rouge Louisiana premier newborn photographer, specializes in newborns through the first year. Her passion is celebrating the first year of life by capturing their first photos. Mariko serves the greater Baton Rouge Louisiana area. If you would like more information about a session or have any questions, please head on over to the contact page or email [email protected]


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  1. Samantha

    Oh my goodness how gorgeous! I have family in Baton Rouge, I will be sending them your information for their newborn photography!

  2. Joy

    My friend that lives in Baton Rouge should be contacting you soon. We told her that you are the BEST newborn photographer in LA. She is due in March I hope you can fit her in <3

  3. Nina Bashaw

    Oh my heart just lit up, these newborn photos are stunning. You are the very best Baton Rouge, LA newborn photographer!

  4. Amanda

    Such sweet, snuggly newborn goodness! No wonder this family came to you, you do such a great job as a photographer serving the Baton Rouge, LA area!

  5. Mary

    Seriously fabulous work!

  6. Catie

    These Baton Rouge newborn ‘s are absolutely gorgeous! And your work as their photographer is phenomenal!

  7. Katie lynn

    You are such a talented photographer! If I ever have a child, I’m heading straight to Baton Rouge for a newborn session. Owen is just gorgeous! ?

  8. Christie

    He is too cute! You are my favorite newborn photographer in Baton Rouge!

  9. Brittneh

    Hi! I’m in Baton Rouge and I’m currently looking for a newborn photographer. Contacting you now!

  10. Tara

    WOW! I so wish I lived in Baton Rouge. I need a newborn photographer, do you travel?

  11. Bashaw

    All I can say is that I can’t stop looking at these simply gorgeous newborn photos, you are one very talented Denham Springs newborn photographer.

  12. Ashley

    These are amazing and I love everything about them!! You really are talented when it comes to newborn photography! I would love to book you for when our next little baby is due later this year!! We are moving to Baton Rouge soon so I hope you have availability still for August when we get there!!

  13. Candace

    So precious! Baton Rouge has an amazing talented newborn photographer!

  14. Minh

    Oh my goodness! Baby Owen is such a precious newborn. I loved all the details you captured as the photographer. Do you travel to Denham Springs?

  15. Chris

    What a sweet baby boy!! You did an amazing job as his newborn photographer. I am referring my friends in Denham Springs to you!

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