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Baby Remington | Baton Rouge Baby Photographer

As a Baton Rouge baby photographer, I get baby’s of all temprements. I’m always ready to go with the flow and adjust to baby. Nothing makes a baby angrier than making then do something they don’t want to do. I fully believe in letting baby lead the way.¬†This particular baby was not happy unless wrapped So wrapped it was. We got lots of beautiful images of baby and mama, as well as in various props.

I’ve been flooded with boys lately, so I loved that I got the change to pull out some colors I haven’t used and bring out my pretty headbands. I love the simplicity of the pink with this little girl. I’m actually not a pink person, but mama chose these colors and I’m so glad she did. I’m definitely added more pink to my wraps, backdrops, and headbands.

wrapped baby in bowl and in mother's arms by newborn photographer in Baton Rouge

Just look at those lips! I’m so glad I decided to take some detail images while she was in the bowl.

wrapped baby sleeping in bowl by newborn photographer in Baton Rouge

Just look at her little hand curled up next to her face. I looks like she decided to use it to lay her prop her head as she slept. So cute!

wrapped baby in crate by newborn photographer in Baton Rouge

All wrapped up and laying on her side. I decided to try something new and put her wrapped up on the beanbag. I’ve decided the beanbag is not just for unwrapped babies anymore! I love how sweet she looks snoozing on her side all wrapped up.

wrapped baby by newborn photographer in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge baby photographer, Mariko Searing, specializes in newborns and babies. I would love to be there to capture all the little details of your brand new baby for you to treasure. If you would like to get more information about a newborn session, please contact me here. I look forward to working with you and your little one.

  1. Terri says:

    Baton Rouge, here is your newborn photographer! Beautiful work!

  2. Kendall Larson says:

    I love these colors, very interested in newborn portraits by you! Would love to meet for coffee to discuss sometime, is there a cute shop near you in Baton Rouge?

  3. Krista says:

    Love this! Please let me know if you have any openings, I am looking for a newborn photographer in Baton Rouge!

  4. Andrea Krey says:

    Baby Remington is the the cutest newborn in Baton Rouge. They are so blessed to have you as their photographer!

  5. Nina Bashaw says:

    That is one gorgeous baby and I love her name it’s so beautiful! You’re clients in Baton Rouge and Denham Springs are so incredibly lucky to have you as their newborn photographer, you work is truly stunning!

  6. Amanda says:

    What a little angel in Baton Rouge! I just love her little newborn lips, so precious! I hope they continue to hire you as their photographer for years to come!

  7. Katerina says:

    I love how excited this mama is to be holding her newborn! I bet they are glad they stumbled across you as their Baton Rouge photographer!

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